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Learning Styles

It goes without saying that people differ in how they approach a learning task. Each individual's learning style is how that person best absorbs and processes information. There is no "right" style, since different circumstances can give different styles an advantage. Furthermore, learning styles have several dimensions--including social, sensory, and organizational elements. 

Before you begin studying, you need to find out what kind of learner you are. How much and how easily you learn will in part depend on whether your study strategies are suited to your learning style.

Learning Style Assessments

Most people have a tendency to consistently use one of their senses--especially vision, hearing, or touch--more than the others when they need to learn something new. To evaluate your sensory preference, complete one or more of the following tests:

A Learning Style Survey for College

Most people tend to use one side of their brain more than the other. This is called hemispheric dominance.  For example, people who are extremely good with details are thought to be "left-brained" (analytical) processors, while many artists and people who frequently speak in metaphors are considered "right-brained" or global processors. The following instrument purports to assess your tendency to be right- or left-brained in the way you approach information and problems.

Middle Tennessee State University Learning Style Survey


Now What?

The hyperlinks listed above give you hints about the ways you prefer to absorb and process information.  Now that you have taken at least one of each type of test and reviewed the results, visit the Learning Strategies page and compare your learning style with some study strategy options. 

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